When It Comes to Career Success, Your Financial Reputation Speaks Louder Than Words. 

When you reach a certain point in your life, everything matters – your family, your career, and your finances.  As you are making strides in your life and your career, your credit history can be a game changer in your success.  Imagine… 

  • not being able to provide for your family because your bad credit caused you to lose the security clearance you need for your job
  • being up for a promotion and crossing your fingers that they don’t check your credit as part of the decision making process
  • having your career choice denied to you because your credit is a mess
  • getting your degree and not being able to go to the next level because of your past financial mistakes

 Now take a deep breath and know that…

  • it is possible to sleep at night regardless of your past money mistakes
  • you can change your financial situation to give your family a better life
  • you can achieve career success by improve your financial reputation

 Your Career and Financial Success is Within Reach!



“You delivered a high-impact nuts-and-bolts program that got people energized and excited. Your energy, enthusiasm, and customization of the material showed through 100%. You made all the examples relevant to the audience. I am certain that all in attendance took away several golden nuggets from your presentation.  You get my highest recommendation as a speaker who delivers value! I look forward to working with you again in the future.”  – Wendy Inge, ALPS Corporation